To provide Best In Class management services, with the utmost professionalism and integrity, for the benefit of our clients.

Executive Property Management (EPM) prides itself in its depth of staffing resources. We have put together a highly skilled and professional management team to support the effective servicing of our clients’ communities.

Senior Management Team

Gail McDermid, PCAM, CMCA








A broad base of support staff is vital for the effective management and administration of our communities.  An enormous amount of work is performed for each client by our main office support staff who assist our management personnel.  It is due to these support positions that we are able to diligently respond to all maintenance requests, contract negotiations, homeowner communications, attorney legal and collection matters, real estate needs, accounting procedures, engineering and financial institution inquiries, in a timely manner.

EPM’s staff of property managers,  whose tenure at the Company averages over twelve years , are decisive and experienced leaders geared to deal with all of client’s issues.  Our staff’s background  include roles as diverse as construction project managers, HOW customer service representatives, office managers and past Board of Trustees/Directors members.

Our Employees Lead

Out in the forefront of every successful company are its employees. It is their dedication not only to the company, but to our customers that matters so much in delivering the very best customer service. Our employees take great pride in being part of our organization; matched by  the loyalty, dedication and commitment they exhibit everyday to our customers, as we all do here at EPM.


Together we have created a team of extremely effective and dedicated customer service professionals whose job it is to not only solve your immediate problems, but to also look ahead to see how to address your needs before they become problems at all. That foresight and planning sets our customer service team apart from the rest.

Sharing Knowledge

By centralizing this team at our company headquarters, we enhance their ability to maintain their teamwork, share knowledge and build on their mutual levels of experience.

Always Available

We are always available to your community with friendly, professional people who know how to handle your every need. In addition, we are  on-hand to answer your questions, work with you and  help you maximize the enjoyment  your community brings to you and your neighbors. We are always seeking to enhance the value of your home and your community.

Database Technology

Our team  utilizes multiple state-of-the-art softwares – covering your entire community’s history – its current projects, financial history, work orders and architectural requests made for your home.


Our extensive communications systems includes a 24 hour emergency monitoring service enabling us to always respond to your community in a timely and effective manner.